Scrappy Sunday — Finished January, Still Indecisive, & The Lightning Thief

For the fifth Sunday in a row, I have made scrapbook pages!  Woohoo!  I’m a day late posting about them — or maybe it’s okay to post about Sunday on Monday 😛 — but I’m just happy I’m getting back into a scrapping routine.  I’m still undecided about how exactly I want to do my Project 365, but I keep on keeping on anyway.

I completed my January page first. I like to see a bunch of my photos together, and this page provides a way to print those third, fourth, or fifth favorites that probably would languish on my hard drive otherwise. The 365 grid template and January page overlay are from Sandy Nuckles at ScrapGirls a long time ago, the page template is blended with green-blue paper by Cluster Queen Creations, and the little calendar is from Mye De Leon.


Then I spent the majority of my scrapping time on this page about Theatreworks’ production of Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief, the first book in the awesome Percy Jackson series, at George Masion University Center of Arts in Fairfax. We had been anticipating the show since May with a little skepticism because the movie was bad, and it turned out to be fabulously fantastic! Rhiannon and Caroline were perched on the edge of their balcony seats cheering and squealing several times during the show. I was very impressed with the actors’ impeccable timing, the script-writers’ ability to fit so much of the book, accurately, into barely an hour, and their clever use of props.


And I’m just about as pleased with this scrapbook page as I am with the the play. I used an old template from my stash for the photos on the diagonal. The orange paper is actually a gray scale template from Captivated Visions I colored by selecting some orange from the Camp Half-Blood banner. I used some brushes native to Photoshop Elements and blending modes for the photo in the lower left corner. I hung the “Live” tag (from a very old kit by Ambowife Designs) from the G with some help by the eraser tool. The tag is part of a set that included “Live,” “Laugh,” and “Love,” and it occurred to me that the other pronunciation of “live” was quite appropriate here.  I took the Theaterworks logo and all the smaller photos (including the book cover) from their website. I sneakily took the larger photo near the end of the performance because I was so happy with the show I could no longer resist the urge to record it for my own sentimentality. Sorry to the usher I promised I wouldn’t take any photos! (blush)  And even though I found the photos on their website, I’m still glad I took one; the actors are different! My favorite part of the layout is the title, which I extracted from the cover image.

Theatreworks shared a video of one of their performances too.

Finally, I created a “Week 4” layout with a few more pictures from the week that I want to print. It’s just a coincidence that both of these pages are orange. 🙂  The paper is by Deb Fisher Designs, way back in 2008. (Like I’ve said, my stash goes way back!) The “Week” strip is by Kathy Winters Designs, the January strip is by Brandy from a kit called Defining Moments from way back in 2009, the days of the week are actually just from last year by Bella Gypsy over at ScrapOrchard, “Here’s the Story” is from Sugarplum’s kit “That’s Life,”  and “enjoy each day” is from Libby Pritchett Designs. The ribbons are from Misty Cato, JKneipp, and HRoselli.

2015 Week 04-1000

Thanks for looking!



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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