Project 365 January 26 – February 1 Frozen Leaves, Snow, and An Awesome Theater Performance

I’d like to share just my four favorite photos from this week. Remember this is a blog circle. After looking at my photos, drop by Clare Ahalt Photography and see what she photographed this week.

This beautiful scene is just a gutter. As a southern California native, transplanted to Fredericksburg, Virginia in 2000, I haven’t been very fond of winter, but I’ve always appreciated its beauty. Ice does amazing things, which I’ve seen more of this year, thanks to my daily walks.

Frozen Gutter Water

On Wednesday we attended a Theatreworks production, The Lightning Thief, based on the book by Rick Riordan. If you already read yesterday’s post, you know we loved the show. If not, go read that post too; there’s even a video excerpt of the play!

While we waited in the hall outside the theater before going inside, I took advantage of the lovely light there. Rhiannon went to the restroom, so I put her book, The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, to stand in for her in the first shot. 😀  Then I photographed her separately because the other two had wandered off.

Waiting to Go Into the Theater at George Mason University Center Waiting to Go Into the Theater at George Mason University Center

We weren’t supposed to take pictures in the theater, as I was told by the usher who seated us. I promised him I wouldn’t, and I restrained myself until nearly the end of the show. It was such a fantastic show, I needed to have a photo so I could make a scrapbook page about it, and remember how awesome they were. I think they say “no photography” to keep it simple, anyway, when what they really mean is don’t flash the actors and don’t record our play and try to make money off it. I rarely use flash and I certainly wouldn’t use it in a theater, especially on the balcony seats so far from the stage as we were, and I’m certainly not profiting from this photo. I even carefully covered the LCD light sensor, preventing the LCD from lighting up, and I didn’t even mess with my settings, but just lifted my camera up, thumb over the sensor, and click!  That’s another reason I’m so pleased with it, because it came out so well. I do shoot in RAW, but it didn’t even need much processing. I even managed to capture some good expressions, I think.  Yay!

The Lightning Thief Finale

We got a little dusting of snow Monday night, as we are at the extreme southern border of the area affected by the huge storm that hit the northeast last week. 😉 This is our backyard bird bath, with a fallen tree on top of it.

Branch on Birdbath

That’s all I’ve got to share for Project 365 this week.  You can see more if you click back to the previous post though.  Please post a comment if you’d like, then go on to see Clare’s photos of the week.



  1. Ha, I think you did great with the sneaky photo too. I’m definitely of the ‘no pictures, didn’t happen!’ school of thought so I’d have done the same! More lovely shots this week 🙂

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