Project 52 Week 05 Inspired By

For this week’s CM Project 52 assignment we all looked for something to inspire us. It could be anything. I was browsing through WikiArt when I found this 1958 piece by a Brazilian artist, Helio Oiticica (1937 – 1980). Click on it to learn more about the artist and his work.

Helio Oiticica

I think because I’ve gotten back into digital scrapbooking this year it looks like a template to me. I was digital-scrapbooking for years before I got my DSLR in 2010. I continued creating scrapbook pages and albums for a couple more years, but for the last two years I’ve been so focused on my photography I nearly dropped scrapbooking completely. And I was sad about that. I missed it. So at the beginning of this year I determinedly declared Scrapbooking Sundays, and that’s my priority that day. I’m happy to report I’ve already done about as much scrapping this year as I did in all of 2014!

Favorite Sunburst of the Day

To create this 5″x 7″ project, I used the marquee tool in Photoshop Elements and papers from Andilynn Designs. The photo is from last Saturday’s walk, when I brought along my DSLR instead of my iPhone.

What do you think?  Thanks for visiting. Remember to go around our entire blog circle to see more inspired art. Next visit Justyna E Butler Photography.



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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