Project 365 February 2 to 8 Fantasmagorical Week 1

This was a happy busy week, especially for my daughters, because they spent FIVE days with their drama club friends. Monday was a regular Drama 1 meeting (Drama 1 is rehearsing The Wizard of Oz to perform in May) and Wednesday was the last regular Drama 2 meeting before their first performance of The Fantasmagorical Machine (aka Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but copyright concerns). Thursday was Chitty tech rehearsal and dress rehearsal, which is more than two performances because they go over parts repeatedly. Then, on Friday and Saturday they performed the play four times, at 3:00 and 7:00 each day.

They LOVE this. Caroline was sad on Sunday because there were no performances. But there are two more to look forward to, next Friday and Saturday. So if you’re local check out the details on the drama club website and come support these awesome young actors and actresses.

Rhiannon is the Baroness in half of the shows. (Her only other baroness performance will be Saturday. She’s also dancing and singing in Old Bamboo, at the carnival, and Grow The Roses, the inventor scene, on both nights).  HUGE thanks to my mom for making this dress fit for a baroness in just weeks, and thanks to the USPS for delivering it to us just in the nick of time (good thing we like drama).

Trying On The Entire Baroness Costume and Twirling

Caroline will have you know that performance weeks are NOT exhausting. She LOVES them! She’s sad they’re almost done. She’s playing Jeremy, the main boy character, also just one more time, Saturday. On the other night she is part of the carnival scene and the party take-over scene.

Exhausted Actress

Ian is fine with being dragged around to meetings and rehearsals as long as he has some computer time each day.

Ian In The Afternoon

Check out these wonderful sets!

Grandfather Off to Bed

And of course we have Chitty the fantasmagorical car!

Caractacus, the kids, and Truly Scrumptious Heading for A Picnic

There’s more to see on my Project 365 friends’ pages. Next, go see Clare Ahalt Photography .



  1. Wow, busy times! Hope the show goes well 🙂 Love that you caught her sleeping on the sofa – mine never do that, they just keep on going until they get really horrible!

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