Flashback Friday: Unschooling Sick Day

I was looking back at some of my old blog posts and found Unschooling Sick Day. It’s one of my favorites and briefly demonstrates how learning goes on, always, even when mom is sick.

I’ve been thinking of republishing some old content, particularly what I’ve written about homeschooling. Please tell me: Does linking to it as I did above work for you, or would you be more likely to read it if I copied it into a new post?

Here are some photos from the week prior to Unschooling Sick Day. (I took no photos that day.) Now you can picture what my kids looked like when I wrote that day in September 2009.

In the first one, Ian, 2.5, is looking at a stack of books from the library as he, Rhiannon, and I wait in the van during¬†Caroline’s dance class.

WEB 2009 09 21 001

The next photo has no caption in my archives, so I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but Rhiannon, 8, was working hard on something with that bead necklace.

WEB 2009 09 14 016

The last photo also has no caption attached, but it looks like Caroline, 5, just made herself some Sunbutter and strawberry jam on bread.

WEB 2009 09 20 006

I love looking at old pictures and being amazed at how much they’ve grown!


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