Project 365 February 9 to 15 From Quiet To Dramatic

This week began quietly, as we had no big events or extra rehearsals, and then ended dramatically with my girls’ last performances in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. And the drama continued after that with the blustery wind.

Remember this is a blog circle, so after looking at my pictures continue on to see Tina Fisher’s week.

On Monday I worked on last week’s Project 52 assignment, side-lighting, and while moving around for different perspectives I got some backlit photos of these beautiful yellow roses too. Back-lighting is this week’s theme, so I’ll be sharing more of that later this week.

My Girls' Drama Roses from Russ

On Tuesday I failed to take a single photo, but on Wednesday I recruited Rhiannon for more side-lighting window light practice. I really prefer photographing people.

Side-Light, Window Light

Thursday, after I read this week’s Project 52 theme, backlighting, I was inspired to pick up my camera and practice right away, despite the gray skies and snow flurries outside. These are my pets, four stuffed and five live (Sea Monkeys), who live near my desk.

My Pets

Friday and Saturday my girls had their fifth and sixth performances of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Here are a couple of my favorite scenes, The Bamboo Dance at the carnival and the hilarious spy scene. You can see Rhiannon in the dance, second from left.

Old Bamboo Dance

Spies Getting Ready to Capture Caractacus

We had some great set and prop designers for this show! Caroline performed as Jeremy Potts, who you can see in the back seat of the car. This is the scene when Caractacus tells the story of the Baron of Vulgaria who wants a magical car like this for himself.

Caractacus Tells A Story

A storm blew in during Saturday night’s performance. Sunday morning it blew our trampoline across our back yard! We managed to get it out of the trees, but as it was too cold and blustery to spend much time out there, we haven’t yet reassembled it. It seems to be okay though.

Windblown Trampoline

That’s all I have for this week. Thanks for visiting!  Now go see what Tina Fisher has to share.



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