Project 52 Week 07 Backlighting

Continuing our study of light for Project 52, our week 7 assignment was Backlighting. (Link for CM members.) This is challenging because the light is coming from behind the subject, but it makes some beautiful pictures.

It’s wonderful working on this project in a group, for inspiration, encouragement, and the fun of seeing other interpretations of the assignments. After viewing my photos, continue on the blog circle to see more. Next up is Kelly Beth Photography.

As soon as I read the assignment I decided to pick up my camera and practice a bit, even though it was a very gray, cloudy day. Mario looks a bit mysterious.

Mario Posed For My First Backlighting Exercise

Of course, people photography is what I’m most interested in doing, so I looked for a chance to photograph one of my kids. Rhiannon was playing and recording snippets of songs requested by friends and posting them on Instagram for them to see.

Rhiannon Recording Song Snippets on Instagram By Request

I think my favorite example of backlighting this week is this one, which I took after shoveling the driveway of our first real snowfall of the winter. Caroline is calling these “snow blobs.” The snow was too dry and crumbly to make a traditional snowman. I’m glad we finally got a chance to use the snowman kit I gave the kids for Christmas!

WEB 2015-02-17-shoveled-snow-016

Then, just as I was preparing to write this post, I noticed the morning sun streaming through the window beside me, warming up my pets and got a warmer, prettier portrait of them than when I photographed them at the beginning of this week. Look closely and you can even see two of the sea monkeys.

My Pets, Backlit

I will definitely keep working on this beautiful technique!  Meanwhile, remember to continue on the blog circle.  Next, visit Kelly Beth Photography.



  1. Love these! We got a foot of dry & crumbly snow this week too. I’m so ready for spring. I really love the last one – especially the Sea Monkeys! I love Sea Monkeys. I think that might be a fun homeschool science project…(and certainly not just an excuse for me to buy a Sea Monkey kit!)

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