Project 52 Week 08 Low Light

This week for the Clickinmoms Project 52 we worked on low light. (Click here if you’re new to Clickinmoms. Affiliate link. Thanks!.) Low light is very challenging, but abundant at this time of year, so I thought I’d have many opportunities. I was right about having lots of low light, but finding interesting things happening in that low light is another story.

I can’t wait to see what others in my Project 52 group did this week. You can see some of their photos too if you continue on the blog circle to Kristy Wolfe Photography.

I made this first photo just before sunrise when the eastern sky was all orange and purple. I looked northwest though, rather than into the sunrise, so I captured the reflected color. It would have been even better if I’d gotten out sooner. I had just woken up and nearly missed it.  f/22  ISO100  1.6 seconds

Sunrise, Looking Northwest

Rather than utilizing high ISO to manage the low light, I decided to get out my tripod and set long shutter speeds for all these photos. My subjects weren’t moving, after all. Caroline just got a new bed this winter and I think she’s enjoying it. This may not look low light, but it was 7 a.m. in a north-facing room.  f/7.1  ISO400  2 seconds

Caroline at 6:54 a.m.

My son uses a big stuffed dog, Cinnamon, for a pillow. This morning Cinnamon’s paw was protectively placed on Ian’s head. I made this photograph at 7 a.m. too, in a west-facing room. f/7.1  ISO400  6 seconds!

Ian at 6:58 a.m.

Here’s how Rhiannon left the table one night. She has been drawing a lot lately. Those windows are east-facing, but the sun had only just begun to rise above the horizon this morning. f/7.1  ISO200  4 seconds

How Rhiannon Left the Table Last Night

I will definitely keep working on low light photography, but that’s all I have for today.  Now go see more low light photography from Kristy Wolfe Photography.



  1. Well done on making it out of bed for the early shot (I always struggle with good intentions like that if it means losing the duvet, lol!) I love, love, love the abandoned drawing stuff. My kids never leave stuff around so photogenically!

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  2. I love these! Good idea pulling out the tripod & long shutter speed. My 7-year-old draws obsessively right now, & I am forever stumbling upon abandoned art supplies. Maybe next time I’ll pull out the camera before I drag her back to pick up after herself!


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