Project 365 February 23 to 28: Snow

More than anything else, this week I photographed snow!

There was sparkling ice on my driveway.

Sparkling Ice on My Driveway

Friends visited on Wednesday and there was much sledding. The girl in foreground with the fabulous snowsuit even bobbed down the hill like a penguin, directly on her belly!

Sledding GirlsMore snow fell Wednesday night and Thursday morning, this fluffy stuff that really stacks up!

Snow Covered Pine Branches in the Backyard

So Ian and Caroline went out for more sledding! Actually, this was Ian’s first time sledding. He didn’t want to wear a snowsuit, but smartly asked me to tie his scarf around his head.

Sledding With Caroline and Ian

Saturday my friend and I hiked through thick snow in Prince William Forest Park and I found this snaggled-toothed creature in the ice by the side of the creek. Do you see it?

Ice Forming on Creek at Prince William Forest Park

I wonder if my Project 365 blog circle friends will have snowy pictures too?  Continue on and find out! Next up is Tina.



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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