Throwback Thursday: VaHomeschoolers Conference Through The Years

As I’m getting ready to attend another VaHomeschoolers Conference, I thought it would be fun to reminisce about the many others I’ve attended through the years. And it might be useful to anyone who is unsure about going.

It’s definitely worth it!  I’ve been attending the conference since my 13 and 11 year olds were a toddler and baby. I remember nursing Caroline in the Maya Wrap sling during a session led by Shay Seaborne (or at least she was in the session. I don’t remember the topic though!) in 2004.  I’ve attended every conference ever since, even the one that was too small to be called a conference one year.


In the early days the conference was held at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond. In 2009, I shared this photo I took during the conference, but wrote very little about the experience. Click on the picture to see my original post.

Here’s another photo from the 2009 conference, which I didn’t share in that old post, but found in my archives just now.

WEB 2009 05 23 005


On the other hand, in 2010 I wrote quite a lot about the conference. And a search through my archives reveals that I only took a few photos like this one “during” that conference. This is actually just after I left the conference. I must have been really concentrating on the sessions and forgot about my camera. This was also three months before I bought my DSLR, and my relationship with my point and shoot was rather shaky then. 😉

approaching the connection to the 95


I don’t think I posted about the conference on my blog in 2011, and I only found a few not very good photos in my archive.

WEB 2011 03 26_vahomeschoolers conference_5025 WEB 2011 03 26_vahomeschoolers conference_5031 WEB 2011 03 26_vahomeschoolers conference_5035


In 2012, I only shared this photo, in a blog post with almost no words except a link to the VaHomeschoolers website.

But I did photograph all the performers at the talent show, and, of course, recorded Rhiannon singing her song, Only One, accompanied by her dad on guitar. Here’s a frame from that video. Click on it to go see the video.

2012 03 23 vahomeschoolers talent show 017-1
click image to go to video


This was the year that Rhiannon learned how awful drunk driving is and how things can affect more people than you can imagine. She had prepared for months for the VaHomeschoolers Conference talent show with a friend. They were going to sing a song she wrote herself. But instead of singing in Glen Allen that night, she sat stuck in traffic for a couple of hours, waiting for an accident caused by a drunk driver to be cleared away.

She came back with me on Saturday though and attended her first session, about math. Karim Kai Ani made math real. And I tried to take photos of the conference to show others what it looks like.

Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center entrance

After returning home, I wrote a short review and shared a photo of The Happy Scientist for my Project 52.


Last year both Rhiannon and Caroline performed a funny musical skit in the talent show and all three of my kids attended both days of the conference with me. It was hectic, especially when I discovered there are no food places close by (I should have bought lunch with registration), but the kids had a great time, even my homebody-ish son Ian. I want to write more but I’ve run out of time.

Here’s Caroline, being silly during the post-talent show ice cream social. You can see Ian in the background getting his ice cream.

WEB  2014 03 21 conference 008


This year I’m volunteering. Not only proctoring a couple of sessions but also helping with the talent show (as is Rhiannon) and the VaHomeschoolers table. I’m very much looking forward to hearing Blake Boles.  I hope to see you there!


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