Project 52 Week 11 Negative Space

Thank you for joining us for our Clickinmoms Project 52 blog circle. I looked for opportunities to use a lot of negative space several times this week.

Lots of airplanes flew overhead during my walk in Alexandria on Sunday.

Airplane Flying over Alexandria on a Cloudy Morning

Monday I photographed 7 pennies for one of Clickinmoms’ 7th birthday forum games.

Something Copper For Clickinmoms' 7th Birthday

Wednesday I spent some time capturing the baby blossoms that have appeared on the Sunset Maple Tree in my front yard. First I tried using one of these macro filters I’ve got, the 10x.

My Sunset Maple Tree Buds with Macro Filter x10

I find it hard to focus with them, so after a while I went back to just the plain lens.

My Budding Sunset Maple Tree

But I gave the macro filter another try with my ring and I’m most happy with this photo. I bought this ring a couple of years ago at the UMW Multicultural Fair and I wear it on my ring finger. I like it better than a diamond ring.

My Ring with Macro Filter x10

Hmm, looking back through this collection, I’m thinking I could experiment with different compositions and get more creative!  😀  Thanks for visiting. Please continue on the blog circle. Next, see what Kristy photographed at Kristy Wolfe Photography.


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