Project 52 Week 12 Centered Composition: I Rarely Do This!

A centered composition is in order when we want to reinforce symmetry, emphasize size, draw attention to our subject, or show calm. As I searched for subjects with which to practice this composition, I discovered that I don’t really ever want to compose centered!  I mostly photograph people doing whatever they want to be doing, and rarely does that call for a centered composition.

This is the closest I came to centering my subject(s) when they were people this week. My daughters are enjoying some fan art that Rhiannon was drawing.

sisters consulting about drawing and/or a mutual fandom

I spent some time photographing and recording video of Rhiannon on the piano one day too. If the piano were arranged a different way and the room were a different shape maybe it could have been a centered composition, but as it is, I can barely fit both my daughter and her piano keys into the frame with her 11’x11′ bedroom and my 50mm lens.  I did try making an interesting photo of the piano using a somewhat centered composition though.

Will the piano keys make a nice centered composition for this we

Finally, I took a walk to see if I could find something in nature to center in my lens.  My first idea was that I’ve never photographed the front entrance of my neighborhood. I put my old kit lens on my camera so I could make use of the widest angle and headed out.

WEB 2015-03-24-centered-comp-015

But when I got there I realized 1) this lens is still not wide enough to include the signs on both sides of the entrance, which would have made it a more interesting picture, and 2) this is not the way I ever see the entrance of my neighborhood, so I really don’t like this picture.  I’m usually coming from camera left and turn left into my neighborhood. Where I’m standing to make this picture is just brush and trees and, further behind that, a neighborhood — no street — so no one ever sees this view.

Nearby — camera right in the previous photo — we have some pretty trees, especially this grand one. But I’ll have to try again on a sunny day.

WEB 2015-03-24-centered-comp-005

Finally, I found my favorite subject to center this week, my own Sunset Maple Tree in my front yard.

WEB 2015-03-24-centered-comp-003 Early Blooming of My Sunset Maple Tree

I’m proud of this tree because we planted it ourselves just after we moved here fifteen years ago. It was a stick barely 5 feet tall back then.

Continue on our blog circle to see more, better, examples of centered composition.  Next up is Trish at Autumn Leaves.



  1. I found this week really difficult, too! I have a few centered comps in my Lightroom catalog, but setting out to find something specifically for a centered image was really difficult! I think this exercise will help me notice opportunities for centering in the future, though.

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