A Very Scrappy Sunday (Belated)

Last Sunday was a great day for scrapbooking for me. And I’m still on a roll.

This morning, Facebook sent me one of their “On This Day” posts, in which they tell me what I posted on each date in the last few years. I don’t remember writing this, but apparently on April 3, 2010 I typed into my Facebook status, “loving my morning… woke up with my husband… sat in the rocking chair snuggling waking-up-Ian while reading a good book (The Happiness Project)… listening to my husband animatedly sharing history stories with our girls…”  So I looked in my photo archive to see if I could find some matching photos.  These photos aren’t from the same date, but close. The three of my kids together are from April 1, the rocking chair photo was May 8, and the one at the bottom with Robert was May 1, all in 2010.  Rhiannon was nearly 9, Caroline was 6, and Ian was 3. I was just a couple months away from buying my first DSLR.


Thursday morning, considering I completed twelve layouts for the March challenges at The Digital Press and feeling more and more that it could be my digi-scrap home, I decided it was time to make my forum signature. Also, I had just won a kit from Digital Scrap Ingredients, which inspires me to scrap too!


I made all of the rest of the pages below on Sunday, except the March 2015 photo grid and the Carpe Diem quote, which I made very early Tuesday morning, because it would bump me up to the highest reward level in the March challenges at TDP, and challenges are due on the last day of each month.

Friends was not for a challenge, but just me, scrapping what I want.


Then I decided to do the Letter to A Child challenge. I wrote letters to both my daughters when I was pregnant with them, but not Ian! I did have a journal of his pregnancy, however, so using that to help me, I wrote a letter to him.


The next TDP challenge was to scrap about a daily routine.  Daily walks are my favorite new habit since last August.


The next challenge was to scrap about sounds around us. The first thing that comes to mind for me, of course, is all the music that fills this house. This is one of my favorite layouts of this set. I like the waves I made with the shape tool in Photoshop.


Another challenge suggested we listen to our artist soul and scrap about that. It made me think of this quote from Ira Glass, which I saved prominently on my hard drive, so I see it a lot.  It’s about not giving up, knowing that there’s a lot of work between inspiration and achieving what we imagine. I’m primarily thinking of photography when I remind myself about this.


The next challenge was about scrapping minimalistically, so it wasn’t really a challenge for me 😉  I already prefer simpler layouts. I would have been happy using even fewer elements than we were told to use for this challenge.


Then it was suggested we use song lyrics as inspiration for a photo page. I spent longer planning this layout and making up my mind about what song to use as inspiration than it took to actually put it together. A current favorite song of Rhiannon and Caroline is Bohemian Rhapsody — they love to belt it out — and I discovered at dictionary.com that there is another definition of rhapsody — “an ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm,” which perfectly describes my girls and sounds better to me than the lyrics of this song.  For the journaling, I decided to list all the songs my girls sang on the two karaoke nights we attended at Bella Cafe in March. I know they love to sing and get up on the stage a lot, but making this long list still surprised me!


I’ve always loved the carpe diem speech Robin Wiliams gave in The Dead Poets Society, and Monday night I got photo of us seizing the day. The kids decided to go on a neighborhood walk after our busy errand-filled afternoon and drama club meeting, when the light was nearly gone for the night. This was also a TDP challenge, to use a quote on a page.


Yet another TDP challenge was to “Listen with Your Eyes,” to show in pictures how the event sounded. I stretched it to include the sense of touch, because I wanted to scrap some of my photos of the Reptile Adventure demonstration we saw during the VaHomeschoolers Conference a couple of weeks ago.


This was simply a template challenge. We had to alter a template in some way.  You can see the template I used in my TDP gallery if you’d like to see how I removed a big corner element, created a third photo spot, and changed the size and spacing of the journaling text.


Finally, The Digital Press offers daily photo-a-day prompts (like a Project 365) and I followed them in March. Making a scrapbook page is not required for this challenge, but it makes sense! Plus they provide this grid to make it easy. I doubled it to make a two-pager so I could include journaling, which is very important to me.


I’ve already begun participating the The Digital Press April challenges. Come join me!

If you’re interested in the product credits for these layouts, I’ve listed them in their captions in my 2015 Scrapbook gallery.


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  1. […] I continue to scrapbook on Sundays (and last weekend I scrapped on Saturday instead, because of the Clickinwalk on Sunday).  Apparently I can’t manage to blog about my scrapping after all those hours of creating my pages though, so my blog posts keep appearing on other days of the week. Here are the pages I’ve made since my last Scrappy Sunday blog post. […]


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