Scrappy Sunday: Quotes, Journaling, Scrap Therapy

I’m doing The Digital Press challenges again this month. I completed three today.

For one challenge, we were to use a quote. I googled and browsed for a while before settling on a quote from musician Arthur Rubinstein. I used two of my most favorite photos from 2014 because I photograph what I love about life.


We were also challenged to take our journaling further. It seemed like a good time to record some learning that has happened here recently.


We have also been challenged to use scrapbooking as therapy, to scrap about a difficult time. I think the most difficult events are too private to post in public forums so I wrote about my journey in photography. The arrows symbolize the two steps forward, one step back progress of the artist’s journey. I overlapped “ME” and “the process” because trusting myself is hard too. And I included the eye because photography is all about how we see the world. Thanks to my friend Heather for all these photos of me with my camera!


Please visit my scrapbook gallery if you’d like to view the product credits.



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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