Project 52 Week 16 {street photography} My Neighborhood

I’m stretching this theme again, just like I did for street photography last year. But at least, unlike last year, I left my house! I walked around the entire neighborhood, as I do most days now. I did mean to actually go into town this time, but I didn’t manage it. At least my streets are beautiful with spring green and blossoms right now.

Street Photography?

I was inspired to photograph this paint line on the street at the bottom of my driveway as I reached it because it’s actually something important to  me very frequently. As it aligns with one side of my very long driveway, I use it to guide me as I back my van down to the street, so I won’t veer into the gutter. This close up it looks like it could use some re-painting.

Street Photography?

Spring in My Neighborhood Spring in My Neighborhood Top of the Neighborhood with the 50mm Lens

Now continue on the blog circle and you’ll see better examples of street photography, I think.  Next up is Justyna E Butler Photography.



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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