Happy Belated InterNational Scrapbooking Day! and Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I couldn’t scrap on InterNational Scrapbooking Day because I was at my daughters’ performances in The Wizard of Oz. They performed twice that day.

Here they are as Glinda and Dorothy, near the end of the play.

VIDEO: Matinee Bringing the Broom to the Wizard, Who is Exposed

However, I have done some scrapping in the surrounding days. Digital Scrapper had their iNSD challenges up before the weekend and The Digital Press gave us this whole week to work on their iNSD challenges.

My favorite one is probably this page I made about co-sleeping, based on a blog post I wrote last August. The challenge at Digital Scrapper was to scrap lift someone else’s page. You can see the page that inspired mine and product details in the Digital Scrapper gallery.


The other challenge at Digital Scrapper was to create a page using two tutorials. The tutorials at Digital Scrapper are the best around, by the way! For details, see my page in the Digital Scrapper gallery.


I’m still working my way through the challenges at The Digital Press but here are the three I’ve created so far. If you’d like the product details visit my TDP gallery.

First was a “slow scrap” in which we were given a list of steps to follow to create the page. Caroline was hanging out with  me while I made this and had a lot of constructive criticism, some of which I followed, some of which I didn’t. It’s really a challenge, following given steps for a layout.


Then I participate in the photoless challenge. I really like the art journal style, but not sure I do it well.


I really liked the template for the template challenge. It was perfect for showing off my new favorite plant, the Dogwood.  I’m especially proud of the flowers I created for this page, modeled after the actual Dogwood blooms. I found a white flower and a green flower, and I shrunk the green flower down to teeny tiny and duplicated it many times to place in the center of the white flower, so there are white sepals and the actual green Dogwood flower.


That’s all for now, but I will be making more!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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