Project 52 Week 18 Landscape/Nature: In My Own Yard

I love to photograph nature almost as much as people. In one way I like it even better. For the most part, my subject stays still and never complains about me taking a long time to meter or find a composition I like. I didn’t venture far this week, but fortunately, there’s plenty of nature in my own yard. In fact, this is perfect timing because the buttercups pop up all over my front yard this time of year. And even though Robert mows them down, they come right back the very next morning!

Yellow is my favorite color and these little flowers are so pretty.

Nature/Landscape Nature/Landscape Nature/Landscape Nature/Landscape

There are several kinds of wildflowers that grown in our yard. I love them not only because they’re beautiful, but also because we’re not gardeners and have given little attention to landscaping, but we have all this natural loveliness around us anyway.


May is also when our driveway is covered with the seed pods from our big Sunset Maple Tree. There’s another kind of beauty here. You know, kids aren’t the only ones who drop their things and make a mess. Trees do too!  😀


Enjoy more landscape and nature photography by continuing on our blog circle. Next up, Justyna E Butler Photography always creates gorgeous nature photos.

And if you are a photographer who hasn’t tried out Clickinmoms, head over there now!

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