Project 52 Week 19 Architecture: Fredericksburg, Virginia

Fortunately my Saturday walk ended up including downtown Fredericksburg this week, which is a perfect location for some architecture photography.  I’m a third generation native of San Diego and felt bad about breaking that chain in 2000 when  my husband and I moved to Virginia, but I love my adopted home.

a typical home on Caroline Street

A House On Caroline Street

The Schooler House Bed & Breakfast

The Schooler House Bed & Breakfast

I would like to have a porch swing someday.

A Porch Swing on Caroline Street

a hotel

WEB 2015-05-09-architecture-003

city & nature together

WEB 2015-05-09-architecture-008 WEB 2015-05-09-architecture-010

a patriotic place full of United States history

WEB 2015-05-09-architecture-013

one of the entrances to the library theater, where we spend a lot of time

WEB 2015-05-09-architecture-014

another detail of the library

WEB 2015-05-09-architecture-015

paint of years past peeking through

WEB 2015-05-09-architecture-021

almost at the popular meeting spot, Hyperion

WEB 2015-05-09-architecture-023

juxtaposition: colonial house and plastic swing

WEB 2015-05-09-architecture-025

wall on Lewis Street above the library

WEB 2015-05-09-architecture-030

another wall on Lewis Street above the library

WEB 2015-05-09-architecture-034

commemorative bricks on Lewis Street; I like the new millennium one

WEB 2015-05-09-architecture-037

I hope you enjoyed my tour through part of Fredericksburg. You can see more architectural photography if you follow our Clickinmoms Project 52 blog circle. Next up is Kristy Wolfe Photography.


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