Project 52 Week 20 Photographer’s Choice: MORE Virginia Renaissance Faire Photos

Even after weeding out disliked photos I have 196 pictures of the Renaissance Faire from last Sunday. So I’m going to share more for this week’s Project 52, since the assignment is “photographer’s choice.”

This “Dragon’s Moat” game was a big attraction for my daughter and her friend this time. They liked the fairy dust and trinkets they received.

The Dragon Moat

Caroline still loves archery, but now that she has her own bow and arrows, she only wanted one turn at the Faire.


We saw this very musical man. He held a guitar in his arms, a harmonica in a device on his shoulders that held it to his mouth, and a tambourine on his foot.

Music Man

The alpacas were so adorable with their close-shaven skinny necks and bushy heads. There were also goats to nibble our shoe laces and fluffy bunnies.

Adorable Alpacas

The fencing demonstration was very informative.


I was ordering my lunch when I turned around and saw the Queen and her court parading toward a show venue.

The Queen Parades By

Here’s the Queen offering this Lord a hug. See the hug in my Tuesday post containing more of my photos from the faire. If you’d like to see even more, I put my 19 favorites photos of the faire in a gallery.

Funny Show

Here’s a glimpse of the meadow, which is full of demonstrations and shopping opportunities. The Queen is heading to the jousting field.

Queen Parading By Again

The Queen patiently considered every visitor’s request during her feast. Often they were amusing.

Queen's Feast

The London Broil is about to juggle flaming torches!

The London Broil Juggling Flaming Torches

Our blog circle continues! Next up is Nancy at Hidden Pines Photo.

p.s. At the VARF Facebook page I found a review of the fair written by blogger GalaxyJane.



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