Project 52 Week 24 Monochrome: It Doesn’t Just Mean Black and White

I’ve been neglecting photography the last week or two. Mainly it’s because of two things.  First of all, I’ve become possessed 😉 by the t.v. show Supernatural. I’m currently mid-way through Season 6! Also, I’ve had some home repair and appliance issues like crazy. Even my daily walks have suffered. But today, I made it out for a morning walk and brought my phone along like old times. I also remembered that this week’s Project 52 theme is monochrome so I looked out for that. I only brought my phone camera, but I don’t want to miss another week. (Last week was intentional out-of-focus, by the way. I did it during one photo session, but didn’t like anything I got, and then it was too late. I think next week we’re having a free choice week, so I may try again.)

Monochrome often makes us think of black and white photography, but it really means that most of the photo is shades of one color. Here is some green and yellow I saw on my walk this morning.

Yellow Flowers From the Corner Garden, Close Up

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