Project 52 Week 25 Mulligan (Do-Over): Low Light Photography

Our Clickinmoms Project 52 assignment last week was “Mulligan,” a term from golf that means “do-over.” Always the documentary photographer, I wondered, “What P52 theme or skill would be best used to record what I’ve been doing lately?” The answer, of course, is low light photography.

Rhiannon started watching Supernatural last summer and ever then since she had been wanting me to watch it too, so she could talk with me about it and I’d understand. It took me a long time to go for it though because 1. it contains violence, which I very much dislike watching, and 2. I’m not much of a t.v.-watcher in general. Finally, I started watching at the end of May, and as I type this I’m right in the middle of the 8th season.  The above photo is representative only of a common way I sit while watching Supernatural, but not of my usual facial expression.

Here’s a more common facial expression for Supernatural (on me; Rhiannon is chewing. Although she looks kind of annoyed and she is a bit annoyed with the show since the last season).

I like this photo because I’m looking at Rhiannon, the one who brought me into this Supernatural world. We’ve had some very lively conversations with the show on Pause. It truly is, as Rhiannon told me, a good story, once you get past the first couple of monster-of-the-week seasons.

This is my favorite of the whole session (shot on a tripod with a timer and the continuous setting, so it shot 10 frames with one shutter-press) though I admit I gave up too quickly. I am really in a photography slump right now. And we were really going to watch the show after this photo shoot.  But I like our expressions, including Dean’s, and at least I practiced a little with my camera. I’m enjoying taking a break from daily shooting. In fact, it’s probably a really important thing to do.

Now continue on our Project 52 blog circle to see what the others chose to practice this week.  Next up is Nancy at Hidden Pines Photo.



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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