Project 52 Week 28 {Texture} My Neighborhood Walk

This week’s Clickinwalk Project 52 assignment was texture. Because pictures can only show two dimensions, photographers use light to enhance the texture of our subjects, so they look more real. See more texture-filled photography on our blog circle, beginning with Kate .

Dogwood in Summer

WEB 2015-07-15-texture-walk-015

Smooth and Reflective

WEB 2015-07-15-texture-walk-019

The Texture On Which I Tread

WEB 2015-07-15-texture-walk-023

Texture By The Side of the Road

WEB 2015-07-15-texture-walk-028

Texture At The Corner Garden

WEB 2015-07-15-texture-walk-036

Soft and Smooth and Buzzing

WEB 2015-07-15-texture-walk-055

Looks Prickly

WEB 2015-07-15-texture-walk-062


WEB 2015-07-15-texture-walk-063

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