My Contribution to the Supernatural Fandom

I love geography. When I was about ⅔ done with my first trip through the ten seasons of Supernatural last month, I thought of a fun project. It would be fun to post a huge map on the wall and every time a location caption pops up on the screen, mark it on the map. Deciding against putting a map on the wall, however, I decided to make a scrapbook page instead. So of course I had to go through all the episodes a second time! I skimmed through a lot of them, but after a few seasons it got hard to skim because I was gaining more understanding and enjoyment from the show my second time through. Today I’ve finished. Except, I left space to add two more seasons. Not that I expect it to end after twelve seasons. I have plans to redesign this to be a 2-page spread.

I saved two versions, with and without the lines, because the lines obscure the place names. And I’m posting both full sized so you can click on them, zoom in, and scroll around. Enjoy and leave a comment about what you hope happens in Season 11!

supernatural-travels-lineless supernatural-travels



  1. what an amazing project!!! i absolutely love it. i am so happy to have found your blog. i also homeschooled my kids; my son for his whole life except for one disastrous year. my daughter has chosen to go to public high school and that is a very good choice for her. i’m going to have so much fun poking around your map here!

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