Sunrise Light on Today’s Walk

I continue to walk every day — a habit I got well established a full year ago — but I usually don’t take pictures during my walks anymore. That’s a good thing, because hundreds of photos of scenes around my neighborhood is enough. I even have my favorite walk photos from 2014-2015 printed in a little softcover book I created with Blurb. Plus, I walk faster and keep my heart rate up consistently when I don’t take pictures. However, I’m trying hard to get back into my daily photography routine so I brought my camera along when I headed out this morning a little after 7:00 under almost totally clear blue sky.

Heading Out For My Walk at 7:22 a.m. Under Mostly Clear Sky

It amazes me that I’ve been seeing signs of autumn for a week or two already.

I love these fluffy things in the next picture. I thought they’re called foxtails, but when I googled that it only showed the little weeds whose fluffy seeds get stuck in our socks. Can someone please tell me? I’ve photographed these so many times over the last year, and even watched them grow up again this summer after the owner cut them down practically to the roots.

I Love These Foxtails

Here they are again with their surroundings. This tree is often glowing in the morning sun too.

I Love These Foxtails

Next I found a flowering vine growing on a mailbox, with a single flower posing for me very nicely. There’s even a reflection.

Flower By A Mailbox

Here’s more of the vine from the other side, just so I could play more with backlighting.

The flower in the previous photo on the sunlit side of this mailbox. This is the more photogenic side at this time of day, though.

And stepping back even further, you can see I spent several minutes at this area of my neighborhood.

enjoying all this beautiful light, thankful for hills so I can reach it

When I turned the corner, there was little sunlight to be found, except for this one spot:

But after I’ve walked up the long, gradual slope of that cold, shadowy street I turn the corner at what I call the Top of the Neighborhood (because it’s the highest point) where the morning sun shines gloriously right up the steep hill, backlighting everything, and I can see for miles to tree tops beyond my neighborhood.

Thankfully, though I've passed this web a few times now, I've never seen it's maker. I don't like to see them, but their webs can be very beautiful.
Thankfully, though I’ve passed this web a few times now, I’ve never seen it’s maker. I don’t like to see them, but their webs can be very beautiful.

I didn’t get anymore interesting photos after this because the last part of my walk was too shady and I wanted to just walk and get some exercise. But I did take a moment to photograph my breakfast that I made immediately upon arriving home. I have eggs and veggies almost every morning but had french toast yesterday instead, and I was particularly hungry this morning. Yum!

Breakfast Right After My Walk

I think this concludes my re-entry to daily photography JPG period. Even though I’ve shot JPG for the last three days, I find myself still editing the photos in Lightroom anyway. I’m finding getting back into my photo routine almost as easy as getting back onto a bike!



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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