I’m Back Again!

Heads up! I haven’t given up on blogging or photography. Tomorrow you will see my first post in a new monthly blog circle. I wanted to post today too, just because I didn’t post much over the summer.

By the way, if you are on the east coast and miss the sun like I do, take a look at my previous post, Sunrise Light on Today’s Walk. I just did and it made me feel better!  🙂

Here are my three latest favorite photos I’ve made.

Can you see the reflections in the bee’s eyes? You’ll see a couple more photos of this bee tomorrow.

Flying Things and Flowers From Above

We visited the Lewis and Clark Exploratory Center last week with members of a local homeschool group, REACH. The tour was interesting and the kids enjoyed a scavenger hunt by the Rivanna River and drawing maps.

WEB 2015-09-29-lewis-clark-010

Anyone who shares my newest obsession will probably be able to guess what this photo is about. Otherwise, just enjoy seeing my awesome girls.

WEB 2015-10-02-samantha+deanna-010

Fellow Supernatural fans, did you recognize Sam (right) and Dean? Actually, they’re calling themselves Samantha and Deanna.  😀

Happy autumn everyone!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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