Scenes From a Road Trip

It’s time for the second monthly theme of my new blog circle, Scenes From a Road Trip. I didn’t have an interesting road trip in October, but I decided to record the roads I drive on regularly here in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

There are multiple ways for me to reach downtown, and my favorite is along the Rappahannock River.

WEB 2015-10-17-road-trip-008 WEB 2015-10-17-road-trip-012

This was a Saturday morning, so the traffic was congested, especially here where Route 3 crosses Interstate 95. See the two birds on the road sign?

WEB 2015-10-17-road-trip-014

Below is the exit I drive on more than any other, leading from I95 South to Route 3 West.

WEB 2015-10-17-road-trip-043

Here, with the mall on camera left and the shopping area known as Central Park on camera right, is the worst traffic congestion, every day!

WEB 2015-10-17-road-trip-049

The Central Park sign is a bit of a monstrosity. It was one of the first things I became familiar with in Fredericksburg too. I happened to take a picture of it in 1998, while just visiting, two years before we even considered moving here. Someday when I have a wide angle lens perhaps I’ll make a picture of my kids in front of it. They like to go up and touch it when we eat at Ruby Tuesday, which is right next to it.

WEB 2015-10-17-road-trip-050

Every year since we moved here in 2000 Meadows Farms Nursery has dressed up this pole as some kind of a monster or other character. This year it’s a Minion. They also have an inflatable bouncy thing for the little kids, a pumpkin patch, and a scary old bus painted to look like something horribly bloody happened inside.

WEB 2015-10-17-road-trip-076

There you have it! I see all these sights on most of my ordinary, every day road trips. Hopefully my family will be taking an interesting road trip farther away from home before the end of the year.

My blog circle friends have more interesting road trips to share. Next see Ann Tyer’s road trip. Enjoy!



  1. Michele, what a fun take on the theme! I didn’t even think of it like that. Some of the areas around you are so lovely and I loved the Halloween decorations. It’s fun to see the different areas you drive through all the time. The traffic images definitely makes me happy to live on Kauai.

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