Scenes From The Kitchen

November’s blog circle theme was Scenes From the Kitchen, which is very timely for my family with a few birthdays as well as Thanksgiving.

My oldest daughter baked her brother’s birthday cake early in the month.

WEB 2015-11-03-ian-birthday-006-2.jpg

The next photo doesn’t look very kitchen-y but we are in the kitchen and it’s one of my favorite photos from November. Caroline hasn’t wanted me to photograph her lately, so this is a good compromise, especially since it shows an awesome new book we just got.

WEB 2015-11-11-untitled-001.jpg

One cold morning the steam from Robert’s bowl of scrambled eggs caught my eye. It’s hard to capture steam with the camera!  I brought two versions of this photo into Photoshop and merged them together so I’d have more steam in the picture!

WEB PRINT 2015-11-20-steam-composite-2.jpg

In addition to making my husband breakfast, I also make him lunches like this one, which had a particularly yummy chicken salad sandwich. So yummy, it had to be photographed!

WEB 2015-11-25-robert-lunch-011-2.jpg

I make our Thanksgiving feast following mostly the same plans I have used for 5 years now. One of my favorite appetizers is Eggplant Caviar. Not really caviar, it’s a dip that I’ve also used in lasagna. See Caroline’s Lasagna.

WEB 2015-11-25-turkey-eve-001.jpg

Here’s the finished Eggplant Caviar cooling.

WEB 2015-11-25-turkey-eve-009.jpg

I just love garlic.

WEB 2015-11-25-turkey-eve-004.jpg

And Three Bean Salad. Mmmmm . . .

WEB 2015-11-25-turkey-eve-007.jpg

Last but not least (I took fewer photos as I got further into cooking the Thanksgiving feast), here is my beautiful homemade cranberry sauce.WEB 2015-11-25-turkey-eve-019.jpg

Thanks for looking at my pictures. Now continue on the blog circle to see scenes from Nadeen’s kitchen.



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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