Throwback Thursday: Walking Shoes

Once upon a time, in 2011, I had some pretty new walking shoes.

2011 09 28_sept28_3200.JPG

In 2011, I began walking regularly, usually Saturday mornings, with my friend Heather. After this routine was established I treated myself to these new walking shoes in the above photo. Oh, how fresh and shiny they look to me now!

I struggled to make daily walking a routine. Check out this old post, Exhilarating Decision, which I wrote September 28, 2011, containing my thoughts about trying to get out for daily walks. I have forgotten how much of struggle it was because it has become so easy. For the last 18 months, rarely have I skipped my daily walk.

So now those walking shoes look like this.

WEB 2015-12-21-shoes-001.jpg

They’ve been in bad shape for months, in fact. But I’m a creature of habit and have been trying not to spend money this year, so it took me a while to get around to shopping for new shoes. Finally, I did! Last week. Let me introduce you to my new hiking boots.

WEB 2015-12-21-shoes-002-2.jpg

Yes, hiking boots instead of walking shoes. For now. I’ll enjoy having dry feet on those slushy, wet mornings hiking in the woods. I’ll shop again for walking shoes another day.

It amazes me to see what has changed whenever I read old journals and blog posts and scrapbook pages. Besides these shoes, what else has changed since my Exhilarating Decision post?

I no longer use that clock-radio I got in high school. Two years ago I got my first smartphone, and one of the features I use most is the alarm. I have multiple alarms set for a variety of things, not just waking up, including reminding me to pick up my daughter from drama club and checking to make sure I’ve turned my ringer back on (because I silence it at night). The clock-radio is still in my house. I gave it to my night owl daughter for a while earlier this year and she attempted to use it, but she would sleep through the alarm!

I never think about what to carry on my walks anymore. Again, I have an iPhone. And my house key on a keychain with a camera-shaped charm.

Best of all, I no longer ponder whether I will walk. I just do. If it’s rainy or I’m sick, I grumble. Occasionally, a busy day interferes. But my walking shoes get a workout almost every day.



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