Festive Fredericksburg

The weekend before Christmas, I joined other members of The Fredericksburg Area Fresh Start Photography Group for a walk downtown to photograph the holiday decor.

We planned to meet at sunset so we could photograph lights, but I couldn’t wait to get started and capture some of the beautiful sunset light, so this is the first photo I took. If the people in this photo happen to see this post, I’d be happy to send them a copy of the picture. I didn’t speak to them and they didn’t seem to notice me but I’m happy with the picture.

WEB 2015-12-19-holiday-photowalk-007-2.jpg

We all caught some of the gorgeous light on this church before the sun set and the light disappeared.

WEB 2015-12-19-holiday-photowalk-015.jpg

Then we walked over to Hurkamp Park to photograph the tree of lights created over the fountain. This is the only Christmas tree bokeh I managed to capture this holiday season, I’m sorry to say.

WEB 2015-12-19-holiday-photowalk-026.jpg

At this little cemetery, while the others in the group photographed the tombstones, I acted like the people-photographer I am and photographed them.

WEB 2015-12-19-holiday-photowalk-045-2.jpg

I also tried to photograph the church’s beautiful windows.

WEB 2015-12-19-holiday-photowalk-049.jpg

Then we headed over to Market Square. I found some color and interesting texture below my feet.

WEB 2015-12-19-holiday-photowalk-057-2.jpg

And I was attracted to this scene. I like writing, even when it’s graffiti.

WEB 2015-12-19-holiday-photowalk-061.jpg

After a while I got tired of carrying my tripod and waiting for long exposures, so I concentrated on window displays.

WEB 2015-12-19-holiday-photowalk-077.jpg

WEB 2015-12-19-holiday-photowalk-100.jpgWEB 2015-12-19-holiday-photowalk-082.jpg

Finally, to top of the evening, I finally managed to capture the horse and carriage. It had passed me 3 times!

WEB 2015-12-19-holiday-photowalk-103-2.jpg

These are not the only photos I made, of course!  If you’d like to see all of them, visit my gallery Holiday Decor Photowalk with Fresh Start Photography Club.

Thanks for looking!  Which of the above pictures do you like best?


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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