Favorite Photos of 2015

On The Lilypad , which I think is becoming my new digiscrap home, we were asked to share our favorite photo of the year. That’s impossible, akin to asking me to choose a favorite child, but I took on the challenge to find a group of favorites at least. It helps that I’ve been assigning stars to some of my photos during processing when I particularly like them.  Alas, I do this inconsistently, so surely this group is not complete. There are different reasons to love a photo too.  Sometimes I love photos because of who is in them, sometimes because of how photographically excellent they are, or sometimes because they capture a great moment.

So here are 12 of my favorite photos of 2015, only organized chronologically. You can also see them in a gallery here.

First is my Project 52 Week 2 photo for the theme House on Fire. What would you take if you could save one more thing from your burning house, after family and pets?  Originally blogged HERE.

House On Fire

Next was also for Project 52. The theme was Sign of the Times, to photograph something that shows the time period very clearly. Originally blogged HERE.

Sign of the Times

I captured the next two at the VaHomeschoolers Conference last March. My whole family attended with me and Ian’s break time was a good opportunity to practice my photography.

Ian Kendzie Jumping For Joy During a Break in the Front Yard of

I also photographed some of the sessions for possible publication in the VaHomeschoolers magazine, Voice. I caught the moment below in the reptile session, during which several interesting animals were shared with us.

Reptile Adventures Demonstration -- Albino Python

I take walks around my neighborhood every day and have way too many photos of it. 😉  This is one of the best. I call this place Top of the Neighborhood because it’s the highest elevation.

Top of the Neighborhood with the 50mm Lens

In April I ventured farther away than any other day this whole year, all the way down to Virginia Beach, to join a group of Clickinmoms members for the annual Clickinwalk. (Affiliate link, thank you!) More of my favorite photos from this visit can be seen in my original blog post HERE.


I was just getting creative here. Honestly, I liked it more after I received several compliments on it. I don’t want to rely on compliments, but I think it helps to get feedback, to get insight on what others are seeing. Then I see more than I would have seen by myself.

Food Photography: Caroline and Hot Chocolate

This captured hug is definitely very close to the top of my list of overall favorites for the year. I’m most motivated to capture great moments and I’m pretty happy with the composition of this too.  This was the Virginia Renaissance Faire last spring, and I’ve blogged about this great event several times.

He Thought He Was Getting a Hug From Someone Else

I don’t have much to show for photography in the summer. Probably my favorite creation of the summer is my Supernatural Map.  In August, when I began trying to get back into my daily photography habit, a sudden, brief rainstorm provided the following opportunity.

Ian and An Umbrella After a Surprise Downpour

I’m really a people photographer. I love nature and architecture too, and photograph them because I photograph things I love, but capturing people in great moments is my favorite. I actually like that there are people in my photos like the one below, of the Lincoln Memorial. I was also playing with long exposure photography and love that I caught the flash from someone else’s camera across the pond.  By the way, notice that a tripod is not absolutely essential.  😀

Long Exposure Lincoln Memorial

I don’t feel I can take full credit for my nature photos anyway. I have nothing to do with how beautiful my Sunset Maple Leaves are.

My Sunset Maple In Its Best Color

Ah, the beauty of sunlight AND people. Even without knowing who these people are, I love this photo because they’re in it. It would have been pretty without them, but it’s interesting to me with them. And I’m also including it on a hopeful note. I still have not decided entirely against going into business. What if I finally get started on that in 2016? I can imagine looking at this photo again after I’m in business in a year or two and seeing this as foreshadowing.

Backlit Couple

Thank you for looking!  I’m interested to know which pictures you like. Please tell me in the comments!



  1. oh my goodness, I am gonna be back visiting again and again! I love them all, and I am a people watcher…and love to make up stories about what is going on…and the last photo of the coffee couple…I could spend a day writing their dialogue…thank you and I am so so glad you are at the Lily Pad too!

    Liked by 1 person

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