Blog Circle: Scenes From My Favorite Place

For this month’s blog circle, we are sharing scenes from our favorite places.  I wanted to say that my favorite place is anywhere with my family, but I’m really bad at making family portraits.  Based on amount of time spent in a place, you could say my desk is my favorite place.

Scenes From My Favorite Place: Meal at My Desk

Hey! There’s a family portrait above my desk. Yep, that’s the most recent one I’ve made and it’s a year and a half old.  At least it’s in print! Oh! And look!  The sweatshirt draped on my chair shows another one of my favorite  places, La Jolla, California, where I spent many happy days of my young adulthood, and where I arranged to meet my now-husband for the first time after talking through Prodigy emails and phone conversations for a couple of weeks in 1994.

Scenes From My Favorite Place: Meal at My Desk

Oh my desk, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.  1. You’re a spacious, sturdy, beautiful piece of furniture, located in the middle of my home in easy reach of my family and from which I can hear and see everything!  2. You hold my computer which allows me to communicate with people all over the world and practice two of my favorite things — photography and scrapbooking — as well as blast classic rock while cleaning the kitchen and many other things. 3. You hold a lot of my stuff like books and papers, my camera, my calendar, and often even meals!

Scenes From My Favorite Place: Meal at My Desk

My favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs and veggies in a flour tortilla. (Having a bagel is rare, but I enjoyed this fresh Everything bagel from Wegman’s.) This delicious breakfast is actually what inspired this photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. 😀

Remember this is a blog circle, so you can go see several other favorite places. Next click on on over to Ann Tyer’s blog.



  1. Michele, I loved seeing your favorite place! I love that your computer station is in the center of your home so you can still be present while you’re busy working!!


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