Scrappy Sunday

At the beginning of 2015 I declared Sundays my scrapping day. It worked and I finally got back into it last year after a 2 year scrapping drought. I ordered my 2015 album at the end of November because of holiday sales and then remembered I hadn’t printed my few pages from 2013-2014, thinking I’d go back and “finish” those years. I decided to to order another album for those two years too. Despite it being two years, it’s thinner than my 2015 album.

So declaring Sunday my scrapping day has worked, for the most part, aside from a little hiatus from everything during my Supernatural obsession last summer, and I’m continuing the routine this year.  But this first month of the year I’m not just scrapping on Sundays. I have completed a page every single day so far, and expect to do so for the rest of the month. I’m participating in The Lilypad’s Month of Challenges. I was skeptical about being capable of it at first but came to believe I can do it, and make good pages too, not just throw together pages out to get them done.

I’m especially proud of today’s page. Not for the challenge, which involved extracting, something I haven’t practice a lot and, so far, lack enough patience to do well enough to satisfy my perfectionism. I’m most proud of the way this page came together into a rich record of a day in my life 9 years ago.  I started out looking for a good photo for extraction. I thought I wanted to use a picture of Ian when he first learned to walk, so I started scrolling through my photo folders for that time period. Then I came across the pictures of the day we visited Gunston Hall and the picture of the kids picnicking looked like a good candidate for extraction, so I went for it. When I was ready to journal, I went into my private galleries on my website and found what I had written in the photo captions way back then, so I was able to make the journaling on this page rich, even though I barely remember the event in my mind today.


The memory is the most important part to me in scrapbooking. I have fun arranging the elements on the page, I enjoy making my pages pretty, and I try to make them aesthetically pleasing.  But the best pages for me are the ones that record memories in detail.  This makes me glad that even when I don’t scrapbook much, I’m still writing captions for my pictures in Lightroom, and those captions automatically get written into the image metadata. It’s a consistent part of my photo processing routine, which I do on nearly daily basis, and has been for many years.  I even wrote captions on the backs of many of my photos in the pre-digital age, and sometimes wrote captions on strips of paper I’d stick in my photo albums.

You can see all of my Month of Challenges layouts here if you’d like.  Thanks for visiting!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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