Burgandine House: The Oldest Building in Culpeper, Virginia

A week ago, a few of us from my local photography group drove west to Culpeper for a photo walk. During the walk, we stopped for a visit at the Burgandine House, the oldest building still standing in Culpeper. I was shocked to learn from the two caretakers who invited us inside that they are not getting support from the local government to maintain this historic site.  I hope they turn around and the place is saved.

WEB 2016-01-09-culpeper-019.jpg

WEB 2016-01-09-culpeper-021.jpg

WEB 2016-01-09-culpeper-040.jpg

WEB 2016-01-09-culpeper-033.jpg

WEB 2016-01-09-culpeper-034.jpg

WEB 2016-01-09-culpeper-050.jpg

WEB 2016-01-09-culpeper-006.jpg

WEB 2016-01-09-culpeper-053.jpg

WEB 2016-01-09-culpeper-060.jpg

WEB 2016-01-09-culpeper-077.jpg

WEB 2016-01-09-culpeper-079.jpg

WEB 2016-01-09-culpeper-025.jpg

In the last picture, the Burgandine’s caretakers are standing amidst some construction that is threatening the house.

Burgandine House was built around 1800. This article is the most thorough I could find about its history.  Also visit The Burgandine House Facebook page and give them some love. Let’s show them we value history!



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  1. […] I’m still keeping up with The Lilypad’s Month of Challenges. I’ve done more layouts in the two weeks that have passed so far this month than all last autumn. I’ll share today’s page because it will make this blog post pair up nicely with the one I just wrote a few minutes ago. Every time I walk in Fredericksburg, I’m immersed in history. That’s why I was so shocked to hear about the struggle to save the Burgandine House. […]


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