Scrappy Sunday: Month of Challenges

I’m still keeping up with The Lilypad’s Month of Challenges. I’ve done more layouts in the two weeks that have passed so far this month than all last autumn. I’ll share today’s page because it will make this blog post pair up nicely with the one I just wrote a few minutes ago. Every time I walk in Fredericksburg, I’m immersed in history. That’s why I was so shocked to hear about the struggle to save the Burgandine House.

There’s so much history available to us in Fredericksburg that I pass a lot of it by with barely a glance for many years. For example, I go to the downtown library frequently, so I’ve seen The Lewis Store, across the street, just as often, but I’ve only looked at it a little and have never been inside. I didn’t set out to visit it yesterday either, but Heather and I were on our weekly walk and decided to pause and give it some attention. It was closed when we were there yesterday morning, but someday I will go inside!

The pictures worked well for today’s scrapbook page challenge, which was to use two fonts and two alphas in a bold title.  You can see all of my Month of Challenges pages here and you can see my older scrapbook pages here.  Thanks for visiting!




  1. Great page! I love how you managed to include so many photos and so much detail without it feeling cluttered. I admire you for doing something good with your wonderful photos. Mine are busy sitting on my computer.

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    • Switch to digital scrapbooking! 😄 It’s so much easier than paper. I usually take less than an hour to make a page. It’s cheaper, elements can be re-used and recolored, it’s easy to rearrange a page, and there’s zero mess to clean up.


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