Project 52 Weeks 2 and 3: Goals and Routines

I am keeping up with Project 52. However, I’m not keeping a consistent blog routine yet! So here are two Project 52 pictures I should have posted already. I’m participating in the Project 52 at Clickinmoms (affiliate link, thank you!).

Week 2 we shared our goals with the group.  This year, one of my goals is to read 12 novels. I know it’s a wimpy goal for someone who has identified as a bookworm. But my reading in recent years has mostly been non-fiction and online.  I think I read 3 novels in 2015.  In the photo, the books are not the actual ones I’m going to read — I haven’t planned that much — so that’s why they’re turned around.  I have completed my first novel though. On January 11, I finished All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  I haven’t picked my next novel. I’m waiting to read again with the group at The Lilypad. My photo settings were f/16 1 second  ISO800.

WEB 2016-01-13-12bookgoal-014.jpg

Week 3’s prompt was “Routine.” One of my routines is walking every day. Usually it’s a mile around the perimeter of my neighborhood.  Sometimes I walk into the neighborhood next door, occasionally I cut my walk short by walking through the middle of my neighborhood, and most Saturdays I walk a few miles with my friend Heather some different, interesting place each week. My photo is of a grand tree near my house that I love.  My settings were f/11  1/250sec  ISO400.

WEB 2016-01-17-walk-023.jpg

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