Scrappy Sunday – MOC is Done!

It’s not Sunday, but I could have posted this Sunday if I hadn’t been so busy.  😛  I finished The Lilypad’s Month of Challenges! That’s 31 challenges, a new one posted every day of January. I didn’t scrap every single single day, but I never got more than 2 days behind, scrapping 2 layouts some days. I am happy with all my pages too. I didn’t just throw them together to get them done. I guess this shows me that prompts/assignments/challenges are motivating. So I’m going to keep it up — though at a bit slower pace.  I’ll be scrapping at least on Sundays, the habit I established last year.

I’ll share a few of my pages below. If you’d like to see all 31 they’re in my MOC thread on Lilypad.

I think the ease of the first challenge got me off to a good start and encouraged me. It was basically a list of instructions to follow, telling us which elements to use, how many, and where to place them. You can see the instructions and others’ pages in the thread January 1: Blind Scrap.  It’s fun to see how different the pages are even though they followed the same set of instructions.


I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite page, but this one I made for our 6th challenge would definitely be in the running. The challenge was about using a photo of a record for inspiration, and we had to create a song title and band or album name. Potentially, it could have been a silly page I wouldn’t have liked much. Perhaps it’s still silly. But it’s very meaningful to me and my girls. And it was hard work but a lot of fun to create.


One of several journaling challenges we had, this one is “scrap therapy.” I wrote down my thoughts about future occupations I’m considering.


As you can see, journaling is not a challenge for me. On the 13th, we were challenged to tell a story in at least 150 words. I decided to create another page for the Supernatural album I plan on making. I had trouble stopping when I ran out of space to write.


This is one of my least favorite pages and challenges. I just wasn’t inspired by the assignment to photograph my feet.  It’s an okay page, but falls more into the category of “just getting it done.”


The next one, on the other hand, while I’m not thrilled with the page, I loved the challenge. I love technique challenges because I learn new digital scrapbooking methods or practice techniques I otherwise might not have used much. In this case, we clipped photos to “paint” or “masks.”


Two days later we were assigned “art journaling.” I’ve admired it but have never wanted to do it myself. I probably still won’t do it much, but I kind of like how my page for this challenge.  At least, it makes me smile. I’m thinking of using it for one of the covers of my 2016 album.


The thing I love about the 24th challenge is that it got me scrapping photos from years ago while I was feeling grumbly about the assignment. It was a “do-over” challenge, meaning we had to find an old page we made previously, and re-create it. This is not something I like to do!  The only times I have ever gone back to re-make a page are the three times I’ve participated in a challenge telling me to do so. 😀  I think I feel like it’s a waste of time to scrap pictures again when I have so many photos I haven’t scrapped. So it took me a long time to find a page I’d like to do over, but eventually I came across the first page I ever created on my iMac when I got it in 2011. You can see it in my TLP gallery. The original page only had the large photo and a very few elements. It’s nice to have the entire photoshoot on a couple of pages now because it was my attempt to get some mom & kid photos on Mother’s Day in 2011.moc24-doover-2010momday1000.jpg

This was a challenge to combine two templates. It was work, but not too hard if done carefully. I do like how templates can be like “paint-by-number,” though they don’t always make things faster for me, and often feel limiting, especially with regard to photos. They’re too small or not the right ratio or there aren’t enough.


On the 27th we virtually cut shapes from paper to show the background below.


On the 29th we told stories with photos only. Journaling was not allowed, not even word art or titles! I laughed because we’d had a few journaling challenges, about which many people grumbled, but I find easy. Not journaling was hard for me! It is something I want to do better with in  my photography though.


Our last challenge was to create a “pocket page,” a popular style of digital scrapbooking over the last few years that’s based on plastic album pages with pockets for sliding print photos. I’m proud of creating mine without a template. And now I see my typo in the date on my title card. These pictures are from the 2nd, not the 20th.  Good thing digital scrapbooking is so easy to fix!


Thanks for looking!

For credits for any of the above layouts, find them in my TLP gallery.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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