Flashback: Cooking While Mothering Preschoolers

Occasionally I read old blog posts and today I came across this one I’d forgotten about, from December 2007. So my kids were 6, 4, and newly 1. Here’s a small fraction of this post, Feeling Inefficient, which had me laughing out loud. I was writing about the process of making dinner

mixed up biscuit dough from rice and sorghum flours
listened to Caroline talking for the characters in her imaginary world while she played with playdough
rolled out dough and decided to just use a knife to cut it into rectangles instead of using a biscuit cutter
gave Ian bread to nibble on and distract him from clinging to me
mixed up a creamy sauce
picked up Ian and held him in my left arm along with the cookbook in my left hand, while stirring with a wire whisk in my right hand

This actually makes me wonder why I’m not making interesting dinners nowadays. It should be easier!

Here, because I dislike photo-less blog posts, are a few photos from my archive of around the same time as that old blog post, November to December 2007. I think they are clickable to see larger versions.

By the way, I’m blogging today with my phone because my computer is in the repair shop. It is frustratingly difficult! But I was inspired to write and like to go with the flow. And, awesomely, I remembered I have access to all of my photos via the SmugMug app on my phone. That’s how I’ve been getting my Project 365 pictures onto Instagram this year. I have been a happy SmugMug user since 2008, and this app is another to add to the long list of reasons why.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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