Blog Circle – Scenes From My Town: Fredericksburg, Virginia

This month, my blog circle is visiting one another’s hometowns. After you’ve looked at my photos of Fredericksburg, Virginia, you can visit my friends’ towns by clicking on the link at the end of this post.  I have photographed my town many times, so I decided I would both dig through my photo archives and go on another downtown photoshoot.

Here’s a nice memory of warmer days. A very important part of my town is the Rappahannock River that runs through it. This photo is from a visit to Falmouth Beach in the summer of 2014.

WEB 2014 07 13 scavenging 015-2.jpg

Fredericksburg has many kinds of events downtown. Here’s the 2014 annual Via Colori chalk drawing festival.

WEB 2014 09 20 colonial colori 014.jpg

One of my favorite things about my town is its walkability. There’s even a tree lined path along the canal. I made this photo on one of my walks in November 2014.

WEB  2014 11 08 walk canal path 011.jpg

This most historic U.S. city has a lot of old, reinforced walls.

WEB 2015-05-09-architecture-033.jpg

But there is also new construction. This is a set of townhouses that were just built in the last year or two. I think it’s funny they installed a decorative horse hitch, apparently as a nod to the historic houses that still have real old horse hitches.

WEB 2016-02-13-fredericksburg-025.jpg

A collection of pictures of my town must include one of my favorite places, the library. Though in recent years we’ve spent more time in the far left end of the building, the theater, with homeschool events and musical and dramatic performances.

WEB 2016-02-13-fredericksburg-028.jpg

Here are 3 glimpses of the main street downtown just a few weeks ago.

WEB 2016-02-13-fredericksburg-031.jpg

WEB 2016-02-13-fredericksburg-039.jpg

WEB 2016-02-13-fredericksburg-040.jpg

I was happy to discover this house with Vote for Bernie Sanders lawn signs and a homemade sign on the porch railing made with Christmas lights.

WEB 2016-02-13-fredericksburg-074.jpg

Finally, to round out this set, here are a few photos from the Rappahannock River near Ficklin Island in February. They’re quite a contrast to the first photo above!

Rappahannock River at Ficklen IslandRappahannock River at Ficklen Island

WEB 2016-02-13-fredericksburg-051.jpg

Thanks for visiting! Now go visit  Erin’s town.



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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