Caught Up on Project 365 Again!

As I mentioned in my last post 7 days ago, which I wrote on my phone, crazily, my computer was in the shop for a few days. I continued picking up my DSLR and making pictures every day, but I couldn’t process them for a those few days, nor the couple of days afterward, so only just now have I finally caught up. I’m not sure I want to post 8 photos all at once on Instagram though, so I decided to blog them. Of course, you don’t have to wait to see my photos whether I share them on Instagram or blog them, because the first place I always put them is in my Project 365 gallery which you can visit any time from a link on my homepage.

My desk was lonely without my computer that night I took it to the shop.

WEB 2016-03-04-untitled-015.jpg

The next day, Saturday, I spent most of the day reading. The sun streaming in through the family room window right onto my chair where I was reading inspired me to photograph sunbursts on objects like this.

WEB 2016-03-05-untitled-028.jpg

Sunday evening I waited until evening to walk and then photographed the buds on my Sunset Maple Tree at sunset.

WEB 2016-03-06-untitled-040.jpg

I worked on panning a little this week, for my Project 52 theme. This isn’t a good example of panning, but I like it otherwise; I’m saving my best panning photo for Project 52.

WEB 2016-03-07-untitled-061.jpg

It was so warm this week. On Tuesday Rhiannon opened her windows to enjoy the fresh air while drawing.

WEB 2016-03-08-practice-007.jpg

I’m exceeding my goal of one novel per month so far this year. This week I finished reading In Some Other World Maybe by Shari Goldhagen and started The Lake House by Kate Morton (pictured).

WEB 2016-03-09-practice-007.jpg

Thursday is always a busy day and though I thought about my DSLR a couple of times, I ended up forgetting to pick it up. So that’s two days this year without DSLR photos now. However, I took 20 iPhone pictures, so the day did not go completely unrecorded! This is what the sky looked like as we left for music lesson.

WEB 2016-03-10-untitled-023.jpg

Today was busy too, but something interesting was happening here in the evening when I finally got around to picking up my DSLR. Rhiannon was cleaning Caroline’s room for her, as the result of a deal they had made some time ago. I love this picture because it reminds me of a similar one I made a few years ago. I’ll probably make a scrapbook page with both of them.

WEB 2016-03-11-cleaning-carolines-room-013.jpg

Thanks for looking!


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