Blog Circle: Scenes From Weekends

The main difference between weekdays and weekends for us is that Robert is home. Here he is playing Pathfinder with our kids and some friends.


“Sleepovers” can happen any day, but we had one on a Saturday last month.


There are only two things I do consistently just about every weekend:

  1. long walks or hikes with my friend Heather
  2. digital scrapbooking


This page is entirely a quote from 4 Absurdly Easy Things I Do That Make Life Disproportionately Better by David Cain, one of my favorite bloggers, illustrated with photos I’ve taken during walks over the years.


Relaxing is not limited to weekends, but isn’t that one of your first thoughts when considering this theme?


Actually, I’m not sure he was totally relaxed, as he was playing a game on the Xbox, but he looks very relaxed!

That’s all I have for this month’s blog circle. Thanks for looking and for leaving a comment!  Our blog circle is more like a line this time, but next up is Samantha Keller .



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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