Project 365 Day 106 Sandy Spring Adventure Park

For Christmas we bought tickets to Sandy Spring Adventure Park, something we’d been wanting to do since we first heard about the place a couple of years ago. After weeks of  receiving newsletters from the park informing us of interesting events and watching the weather, we finally headed up to there Friday the 15th. They have lights strung all around the park and they were playing music for their Glow in the Park event.


We should have arrived before our 6:00 reservation  . . . or maybe we shouldn’t have tried to drive from Fredericksburg, past D.C., to Sandy Spring, MD on a Friday afternoon. Anyway, my plan to photograph the kids climbing for my photography practice of the day was thwarted. Above is the best photo I got. We were in the process of being harnessed before having a lesson and practice session.

I did make a few quick long exposure photos before putting my camera away.


And I used my phone camera for a few more, just to capture the memory.




My girls are eager to return, not discouraged by the falls they both had on the spinning logs you can see in the last two photos. My son says that the experience confirmed for him a fear of heights.  I didn’t get to go on the courses since he wouldn’t, so I hope to have another chance.

It’s a very well-designed place and even late at night seems popular. The staff were patient and helpful. My only complaint is that they don’t answer their phone. But our experience once we got there was encouraging and fun.

You can see my entire 2016 Project 365 here.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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