Project 365 Days 108 & 109

Posting my Project 365 photos daily is difficult! It’s not hard to shoot every day. It’s the processing that’s challenging. I try to focus on just one photo a day, but I use more than one photo per day for my scrapbooking and personal memory-keeping, so I want to process all of them. At least Lightroom makes it easy to process multiple photos at once.

Sunday night we played Carcassonne, Supernatural-themed Clue, and Scattergories.  During Carcassonne I played around with long exposures. Thirty seconds is a bit too long too get much action in the shot, but I grew weary of the experiment before I could figure out the best settings. I wanted something like this, but with more ghostly hands and movement of the pieces.


Monday evening I took a break from making dinner to capture my girls hanging out in our big chair talking about Supernatural (playing on Caroline’s tablet) and Rhiannon’s latest drawings.


Thanks for visiting. See all my photos of the day in my Project 365 gallery.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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