Project 365 Day 112 My Tulip Poplar Trees

After my walk around the neighborhood this morning I decided to walk into my backyard and explore a bit. There are a couple of tall trees at the back of my yard, just on the other side of a fence that has been here since the land was a farm before it was turned into a subdivision in the mid-90’s. I’ve watched the leaves turn marvelously yellow every October but that’s about all. I hadn’t even noticed there were TWO of them.

Today I decided I wanted to learn the tree’s name. With some help from a friend, I learned it’s a tulip poplar. I was confused to learn it has beautiful flowers though. Mine have never flowered. That is, I have never noticed. As I read more, I learned that they can take 15 years before they bloom, and when they do, it’s often high up in the branches, hard to see. Then I found some photos of various features of the tulip poplar and realized I actually had seen evidence of it having bloomed.  I’ve seen the seed pod before! I think I even photographed it a year or two ago. At the time I didn’t even realize it was the same tree I’d been admiring for its beautiful yellow leaves every October.


I went out again this evening with my DSLR to photograph my tulip poplars in the sunset light.

My Tulip Poplar Trees

I found a creature hanging out on this stem.

My Tulip Poplar TreesMy Tulip Poplar TreesMy Tulip Poplar Tree

I pointed my camera straight up but you can’t get a good sense of the trees’ height this way.

My Tulip Poplar Trees

So I walked away from them until I could fit them — and the edge of my house for comparison — into my camera lens. They’re not the trees in the foreground but the tallest greenest trees just on the other side of the back fence you can barely see.

My Tulip Poplar Trees

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