Scrappy Sunday – Still At It!

I’m still at it, scrapping frequently. I just still don’t get around to adding my layouts to my scrapbook gallery on  my website for too long. And yikes! It has been two months since I my last blog post about my scrapbooking.

I feel truly back into digiscrapping today though. I was featured in the Froggy Favorites thread at The Lilypad today for this layout.


I am proud of the other page I made today too. I actually conceived of the layout design and made myself a template for the photo arrangement first thing, before I even began dragging photos onto the page.


Last weekend, I spent hours — to my surprise — creating an overview of our Halloweens through the years. The surprising thing is that this was a template challenge. Templates usually mean faster scrapping. But it took me a long time to choose the photos. And it was also a further challenge when I realized I wanted to make it a two page spread, duplicating and horizontally flipping the template. I’m very pleased with the result, though limiting myself to just one photo per year made me think, not for the first time, that I want to make a Halloween album with a few pages for each year. The Halloweens of trick-or-treating may have come to end — ⅔ of my kids will be teens this coming Halloween — so it would be a good time for it.


And of course I continue to create Supernatural-themed pages. This one was a page I threw together very quickly after spending a couple of hours beside Rhiannon, helping her use Photoshop to digitize and color in her drawing of Castiel.


Oh, it’s impossible to choose a favorite page! Here’s another one I love for the way it was inspired by 4 Absurdly Easy Things I Do That Make Life Disproportionately Better by one of my favorite bloggers, David Cain, and I always enjoy the trips down memory lane required when choosing old photos for these kinds of pages.


Okay, I’m going to stop this blog post now, but please visit my scrapbook gallery to see the other pages I’ve made. I think you can see the pages larger in the gallery than on the blog post too.

Tell me what you think. Which pages do you like best?  I’m occasionally thinking about scrapping for hire again. Would you be interested? Know someone who might? Please share this post.  Thank you!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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