Blog Circle: Scenes From My Front Door

Perhaps I’m too quick to think literally, but I really like the idea of a series of photos showing the view from my front door through the seasons. It can change so much even in less than a month!  Look at these two photos, taken just 25 days apart.

April 7 (Yes, it’s raining.)


May 2


Here are some more things that can be seen from my front door at this time of year.

The buttercups came up in early April this year instead of May like they usually do. This is one of the first ones.


April 19 was when I first noticed my Sunset Maple Tree had baby leaves growing.


These wispy weeds that have just recently sprung up around my porch steps are pretty!


Happy spring everyone!  Now continue on the blog circle and see scenes from Erin’s front door.


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