Wow! I let an entire month go by without blogging! Well, here are a few of my favorites from June. I’m still practicing photography EVERY day and scrapping at least least once a week. I also read a few books!


The day we had a hailstorm was exciting. The sun came out while it was still raining!


I continue to try to photograph Rhiannon singing and playing piano in her room, which is a challenge because the room is small and my camera lens is narrow.


I had fun playing with my macro filters again one morning.


The inspiration challenge at The Lilypad in June was a collage of images, one of which was a set of rocks, each with a letter painted on it, arranged in alphabetical order. It reminded me of the ABC page I’d made about my family a few years ago and I decided it was time to make another. See it in my scrapbook gallery for credits, and there are individual copies of each side of this layout so you can read it.

target spot 1000.jpg

One day I took the kids shopping at Target and my daughter said I ought to photograph them in the dot again. So of course it inspired an entire scrapbook layout. Sorry I have no credits to offer at this time; it’s mostly made of old products I’ve collected in my digiscrap stash over the years.


I made 10 Years of Ian after deciding to participate in the June photography challenge at The Lilypad, which was about negative space. See it in my scrapbook gallery for credits.

18302455.jpg 30236985.jpg   23527665.jpg

Read my reviews of The Circle here and The Red Tent here. I’ve been gradually reading The Creative Fight since the beginning of this year. It’s kind of encouraging but I’m not doing well keeping up with the book group. But I am keeping up with tracking my reading at Goodreads for the first time (after years of having an account but forgetting about it).

Another big part of June for me was Ben Willmore’s Photoshop Bootcamp at CreativeLIVE. It was just an hour or hour and a half each day, re-broadcast repeatedly until the next day’s lesson, so it was easy to catch.

I will try to return to my previous rate of blogging now!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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