Project 365: Early July

Whew! I’m caught up on my photo processing again! I can delete all the photos from my iPhone and reformat my DSLR’s memory card finally. Just in time to record my daughter’s drama camp performance this afternoon.

See all of my photos in my Project 365 gallery. Here are a few favorites from the last couple of weeks.

The Spotsylvania Stars and Stripes Spectacular is getting more and more crowded. Years ago I resigned myself to being stuck for a while in the parking lot after the spectacular fireworks show — it’s worth it for the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen — but I think this will be the last year I bother visiting the food vendors. Next year I’ll be packing a full picnic dinner!


By the way, I got some good fireworks pictures too. See them in my Clickinmoms Scavenger Hunt gallery.


It’s not a novel so I’m not counting it toward my Goodreads goal of 13 novels in 2016 but I finally got around to reading Felicia Day’s You’re Never Weird On The Internet (Almost) early this month and enjoyed it very much. It was funny and inspiring.

They finally opened the new little slide at our pool. On the first day, Ian slid over and over and over!


I decided to participate in the Clickinmoms (affiliate link, thanks!) annual Scavenger Hunt this year. Last year I didn’t because I was very disappointed by the way they changed the format. Whereas in the early years we had individual threads in the forum and tried to get at least 100 items on a 200 item list, now participants just post as many items as they can on Instagram or Facebook — and repeats are counted — tagging the items #clickinmomshunt16 and #(item name). Then it’s a random drawing and you could win even if you barely posted anything. But the biggest reason I didn’t participate last year was that I did not have the capability to easily post DSLR photos to my Instagram. And I was determined, last July, to re-focus on my photography after having taken the biggest break from it ever in 5 years. This year, I have a new phone with ample storage space and the Smugmug app, so it’s easy to get my DSLR photos to my Instagram app (and I copy them to Facebook from there).

“Splash,” like in the photo above, and “marshmallow” are two items on the scavenger hunt list this year.


Yes, some of my family have been taken by Pokemon GO. I love it for the way it’s getting people out walking around town and talking to each other. I mean, on the evening I made the next photo, it was around 90% humidity, but they never complained.


How about a refreshing photo to cool off? This is Ian making due with the garden hose when our pool closed because of a potential thunderstorm yesterday.


Thanks for looking!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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