Scrappy Sunday: 3 Pages Done!

I’m still enjoying participating in the challenges at The Lilypad and noting it’s half way through the month and I’d only done 2 challenges, I decided I’d better get moving on them. I like to complete 6 so I receive the largest coupon they offer.

The first page I made was for the inspiration challenge, which encouraged us to show a different perspective in our photography or play with forced perspective. That reminded me of the time in 1997 when Robert and I visited a friend in Sacramento and toured the state capitol. Notice in the photo in the upper left corner I appear to be touching the top of the capitol dome.  Credits available here.


Then I took a nap before making dinner. Then I took the kids to the pool. Then I decided to tackle the journaling challenge, which was to interview someone and make a page about them. You might remember I did this over a  year ago. Here’s Rhiannon’s, here’s Caroline’s, and here’s Ian’s. I interviewed and made pages for Robert and myself even.  I was going to only interview Ian this time because I think his answers would change the most, being only 9, but he refused. To my surprise, Caroline offered instead. Credits available here.


Then I thought I was done scrapping for today, but after a few minutes reading in the forum I remembered TLP’s Summer School and was inspired to participate in this week’s lesson, which is about using journaling cards in uncommon ways. This page actually has 4 different journal cards. Details about how I did it and credits here.


Now I’m done for today! 🙂


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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