Our Classroom – The Scrapbook Page

I’ve been scrapping like crazy the last few days. You can see my latest pages in my gallery at The Lilypad. (It always takes me awhile to get around to uploading them to my own website.)

While making this one I revisited my unschooling page here on my blog and was amazed to see 3 years have passed since I’ve added anything to it. I think I don’t read about homeschooling as much as I used to. I have less need for it and I’m busy with other things.

A few times over the years I’ve considered taking this blog down, or just the old posts, or reorganize it to make it more useful. I’m not sure anyone comes across my old writing here unless I link to it somewhere.

Are you interested in reading more about unschooling? Let me know below.


p.s. If you have missed my Project 365 blog posts over the last few months, you can visit my Project 365 gallery and see the photos. I still haven’t missed a day this year!  I’m just a couple weeks behind in uploading because I don’t like to upload out of order and there are a couple of days I haven’t finished processing in Lightroom.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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