Our Spooky Halloween

For us, Halloween is for dressing up in creative costumes and creating creepy food. Rhiannon spent most of the day baking.

Trick or Treat Cookies

Those who ate her trick or treat cookies had a 50/50 chance of finding a trick or a treat inside. She put Hershey’s Kisses inside half of them. The other half contained either a grape, a slice of carrot, or a chunk of celery. The nutty dough was like that of Mexican wedding cookies; yummy!

Rhiannon Baked All Day on Halloween

She made gluten-free, dairy-free cupcakes and frosted them green or orange. She had a lot of fun with food coloring. The peanut butter between layers of brownie was dyed red and her Magic Cookie Bars were dyed green.

Green Frosting For Caroline's CupcakesRe-enacted High FiveCreepy Food For Halloween

Many years ago, at the first Halloween party Robert and I had, when we still lived in an apartment in Glendale, CA, we started a tradition of coming up with gross, scary, and creepy names for our Halloween party foods, labeling them clearly. Not pictured, but mentioned above: there were also “Bloody Brownies” and “Sludge” (Magic Cookie Bars).

Caroline's CupcakesGoblins Have Begun Arriving at Our House

Little goblins began arriving at our house before we could coordinate a group photo. Our neighborhood was very busy for an hour or two this evening!

Group Shot Before Heading Out For Treats or Pokemon Hunting

Though four people posted encouragingly on our neighborhood Facebook page suggesting teenagers ought to be welcomed to trick or treat, Rhiannon decided her Dean Winchester (Supernatural) costume was not recognizable enough to convince anyone she was dressed up (see her plaid shirt in the photo, and the necklace Dean wore in the early seasons) and she decided not to collect candy. She and her friends still walked around the neighborhood Pokemon hunting though!

Trick or Treating

You can see Caroline, the red-cloaked evil sorceress and her pet cat. We also had a candy gnome with us.

Trick or Treating

Ian, who was indecisive about his costume until nearly the last minute is in silhouette in these three photos and then you can see his beautiful homemade wizard cape very well in the last photo (made by Robert for Ian last year). He’s also wearing an old creepy black mask we’ve had for years and carrying his plush bat-shaped candy bucket. Inside the bucket he carried an old music box playing “A Few of My Favorite Things,” a wedding party favor my mom made when Robert and I married 20 years ago. He was so pleased when people commented on it.

Trick or TreatingTrick or TreatingTrick or Treating

Back at home, of course, there was the Candy Exchange, followed by our family Halloween tradition: watching Clue.

The next day, Caroline and I caught some clearance bargains at Target and, at her request, we packed away Halloween and put up our two Thanksgiving decorations. She sounds like a holiday policewoman: Halloween decor should only be up through October, she insists. Then, she keeps saying, there should only be Thanksgiving decor until Thanksgiving. Only after Thanksgiving does Caroline allow Christmas decorations!

Happy November!


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